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A __________ Week

This has been a frustrating week. I have no voice at work. Yet, it was a fantastic week because I am incredibly proud and excited for my teachers and for our students just knowing how hard their teachers are learning for them.

It has been an angry week because my words and my work were used without my name, participation, or permission. It is a solace week in the fact my work is helping our teachers, parents, and communities during this difficult time.

This is an empty week. I am missing the physical warmth of friends and family. I find contentment in video chats and messages. It is a gratitude week because my loves are healthy.

It has been a scary week as I sit quarantined from exposure after a long illness for sending my sons out for essentials. It is a grateful week knowing they are willing, smart, and able to help.

A __________ Week…

We have an opportunity to fill in the blank. Sometimes we use unkind or dark words. We are stressed, we had ‘a bad word week’. Then we sit and reflect, then look ahead. We have to make a choice. Was this week a bad word, or did I survive? Was it terrible, but somehow I thrived? Will next week be all the same stuff on different days, or will I turn the cat around and find at least a little reason to shout a little praise? It will be another week and likely a balancing act of faith, love, and tears of frustration. Through it all, we learn, we believe in our children, our families, our students, our teachers. A faith week.

We learn to find joy and gratitude in dreariness and exhaustion. We push on through the pain of illness to feed our families and know everything is not going to be accomplished today, or even this week, and that is alright. We forgive ourselves and rest. We believe there is a way to carry on. A determined week.

We learn to be the kind of leader we want to lead us. Personally, I will choose to be my best version, one who hears, one who is courageous, determined, ethical, and loving. A steward leader week

We have the right to not be hushed, to speak up to protect our students, our teachers, and our families. We are allowed to stand up for ourselves when our leaders do not. We have a right to stand up for our families, communities, students, and teachers. A guardian week.

Our options are endless. The snow may fall, the skies may darken, the lightning may strike the dry grass of spring. The weight of the world may rest upon your shoulders and grind at your heart and mind. Beyond those clouds, in the darkest days, we can close our eyes and imagine the sun. A brighter week.

“I believe in the sun”




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