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For the Lovers, The Dreamers...

I was visited in a dream by God.

God said, “You must find Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog, for they are the only ones on this Earth that will ever fully understand you.”

Hold that thought.

Continually there are articles regarding vivid dreams due to Covid19 and quarantine. With so many articles, it was not surprising when sites such as popped up. Cool site, Grace Gravley! I adore the sketches and creative cross-indexes. Everything about this says, #ReasearchRocks and we are #BetterTogether, even when it is discussing dreams and nightmares, Proudly Sponsored by this Stupid Virus!

Reading these articles and folks’ dreams, I wonder. Who else had these crazy vivid dreams PRIOR to Covid19? I had never thought about these dreams before. Doesn’t everyone have vivid nightmares and vivid dreams nightly or nearly so? Suddenly, there are questions. I have recurring nightmares and vivid dreams which began when I was a very young child. Decades later, they have advanced in complexity. There are no horror shows, thrillers, movies, or games, and no jump scares allowed in my life. When reading fiction, I read the ending first (OH, HORROR!!) because I cannot handle any suspense. I couldn’t watch The Dark Crystal, because it was too close to my dream reality. Yet, I adored everything about the artistry of The Dark Crystal. I watched the making of The Dark Crystal twenty times, more or less. A quick check of The Google, nope, I don’t drink too much, no drug participation, oh yeah, these other things I block out and choose to forget.

Think about those kiddos who seem to daydream or even sleep through school. They mentally wander off, going to far off lands, or they snore and drool across their desks. They are impulsive. They seemingly pay little attention and then excitedly blurt out ideas and thoughts with little relation to the current subject. There are students with PTSD, questionable social-emotional milestone markers, exceptional, special education, 2E’s, maybe those who displease you because they are introverts, those who have no diagnosis… oh wait, did I almost cover every child? There was some intentionality in doing so. Sleep is essential to productivity and health. Without a healthy sleep cycle, we do not function well as adults, and neither do children. Results of constantly having vivid dreams by children and adults dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and those who are 2E play havoc with daily life.

For a few weeks out of your life, you are having vivid dreams as you have never experienced before. Amazing Covid Dreams. These dreams scare you, make you wonder, even make you laugh, and make you lose sleep. During the day, they make you stop and wander off mentally to think about them. You even Google these dreams, submit these dreams to websites, you doodle them, write about them, share these dreams. They sometimes make you want to drink. You are a well-adjusted adult dealing with this new thing going on in our lives.

Now, look at your class. See that dreamy far off look, see the child fighting to stay awake? These may (or may not be) children who dream this way ALL OF THE TIME! They live a life where their brain never seemingly stops and the fantasy of the dream world is so engrained it becomes another real world to them. When they speak of horrors, monsters, and places they go to all of the time we often think, what a great imagination! These are children. What freedoms d they have to even speak about these vivid dreams? Do we tell them to Google them, NO, and please do not! Do we listen to them? Do we offer to let them journal these dreams to us in a safe document that actually belongs to them? Do we let them draw or create these worlds? What would happen if regular, normal adults stopped dismissing these children's need to share? Just like adults' needs to post and share on social media and to collective websites?

I live in this world. I see these children. So many of you have joined our world, at least temporarily. Please, see these children, hear these children, and acknowledge these children. Perhaps these acknowledged dreams will give these children peace and bring them sleep.

Where ever you are Steve Martin, I hope you slept well and you play Rainbow Connection on your banjo for Kermit and I. My favorite frog in all the world.

For the Lovers, The Dreamers, & We <3


Heather Joy


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