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Star Date 01/07/2019… for a few more minutes anyway!

There’s something to be said about being a teacher. Well, yes, many somethings! But, tonight just one specifically.

Today I had the fortune to visit a school where I used to teach. A beautiful old stone building in a very rural area. A place I never wanted to leave. I met and chatted with my former chaos in crime partners. They are both leaders and more and more wonderful at their craft everytime I chat with them! We caught up, talked about how my new position brought me to visit them, and how I hoped to be their partner in chaos again.

As one of my cohorts was walking back to the school to the office with me, I heard a student say my name from within a classroom. It escalated very quickly! I happily caused chaos by allowing my former student to let me in. I apologized to the teacher and chatted happily with my kiddos for a few minutes. I found out who was still singing, who was playing an instrument still, even who had been written up!

I called them out and asked them why they did what they did to get in trouble. Then I asked if they needed me to show up and keep them in line. There were no major issues, just stupid choices, kids making little mistakes on their way to becoming even better citizens then they are. We laughed for a few minutes.

They asked why I was at school. I caught the teacher’s eye and realized he had work to do and my stay should end. I answered in brevity, “I teach teachers.” Without missing a beat one of my kiddos looked up and said, “you are the ultimate teacher!” Be still my heart, I have missed this crew! They would do anything I asked or challenged them to do. When I think of the awesome projects and performances the created, I smile. How lucky was I?! They were my tiny-school, my diamond in the rough darlings. Yet, they are the very reason I decided I had to do more to fix education. Because this crew and all kiddos, EACH and EVERY child deserves an education and teachers that meet them and their families, and their communities, right where they are.

I left both with my heart warmed and a little sad. Later, sitting at my office desk, my phone started buzzing. It was some of my older darlings who I so badly wanted to find and check on. They were mad at me for not visiting them also. I explained why and they were gracious. I promised to visit again and next time, they will be the first to know. Hey, someone has to teach them how to cause chaos!

Once my student, forever my student <3


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