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I am going to take over the World, One School At A Time...

I have never been fired. I have only give one administrator a half peace sign...I still feel guilty years later, even though no one saw me do it! That is a story for another day.

I have worked in a few schools and each of those experiences could be a book of their own, which I will never write.

The culmination of those experiences have made me a rather demanding teacher and parent. Demanding of positive educational experiences and respect. Oh yeah! My sons were almost always at the same school where I was teaching... so many smart questions, so little blog space!


What the combined experience of these schools gave me was a determination to take over the world, One School At A Time! When I do, the only politicians in my hallways will be parents of my students or former teachers who are visiting.

My schools will be noisy! They will be filled with joy! The joy of love. The joy of full bellies. My school will be filled with music and art and with time to play. My school will be filled with the joy of creating amazing projects. The joys of learning not only how to succeed, but how to fail with dignity, and how to brush yourself off and stand back up.

Stick and Stones

I was working with a 4th grade class a few days ago on a digital citizenship course. We were talking about the ripple of kindness or not kindness that our words can create when we are on the play ground or online. I asked them what their thoughts were about the saying, "sticks and stones can break my bones, but words cannot hurt me." They are far wiser than I was in 4th grade. One young man looked up at me and said, "Ms. B, we try to duck words for a long time, but yea, after a while, some words hurt my heart."

It was an any day moment. The truth is I will take over every school. I will use words to build up my teachers, our students, and our families. I will listen to my teachers, our students, and our families. I will do my best to replace negativity with joy and excitement. My teachers will know they are not test scores or numbers. My students will know they are not test scores or numbers.

I allowed others to hold me down for too many years. What was wrong with me? Nothing. Well, except I allowed some other teachers, administrators, and even some loved ones too close to the flame that burns with in me and they thought it best to try and snuff that flame out. I was called uncontrollable, a threat (completely laughable if you know me, by the way), a female, and little miss goody two shoes. yes, more stories for another day.

So, you have a choice... join me or step aside.

I am going to take over the World, One School At A Time... Watch me!

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