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#OneWord2019..... "42"

I know that’s a number, not a word.

“Forty-Two’ Is that better?! :)

Every year I am asked what my one word will be. 2018 was “Fabulous.” My students put together fabulous concerts, strove to write fabulous papers towards my own learning. My trip to Arizona was fabulous, I stayed in the heat too long hoping it would stay with me through our cold New York Winter… it did not. I wrote 250 pages for my prospectus and then realized it could only be 25. Well, on the bright side, the step towards expanding my dissertation will be easier! :) Beyond that, I embraced my inner-Mabel Pines and shuffled through my year. I did not, unlike Mabel, bedazzle my face. (Ouch!) But, I digress.


42 is Mo… the shiny, silver oxidized stuff used to make steel. (I think... Science, please help?)

42 is the atomic mass of calcium (Again, I love science, but….I could be wrong)

42: 4+2=6…

6 is divisible by 3 something about prime, perhaps? Awesome none-the-less!

42 is divisible by 3, how about some spirituality? The Trinity.

42 is the number of the greatest baseball player of all time.

42nd Street is a musical earworm and a great street to visit in NYC.

42 is the number of days before your Microsoft password expires.

The answer to every line in a cool cube puzzle equals, you guessed it! 42!

And finally...

42 is the answer to the meaning of life!

Spoiler Alert!! In Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2011), the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" was calculated by a supercomputer named Deep Thought. It took this supercomputer 7.5 million years to determine the answer is 42.

Forty-two then is the meaning of life! On a journey through the universe or back into life as you are learning to stand again, we search for meaning. What is the meaning of life? Why does this or that happen? How do I go from point A to point B? Who is responsible for the life I want to live? How do the pieces in our life puzzle add up?

Living with “forty-two” as my #OneWord2019 means I have the opportunity to focus on these questions. #42, Jackie Robinson will forever be my hero and the best baseball player ever. 2019 brings us a challenge as teachers, one that is not new in theory, but to the audience before us. We must educate every child before us. Help them find their strengths, build confidence, and give them a voice. We must educate each child as if he or she is our own child. We must lead with love and by example, not only for our students, but for our fellow teachers, staff, and administrators.

42… I plan to work on my Microsoft and Google Trainer certifications.

Spirituality...I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Although I fail at religion, my faith and my spirituality are mine to grow. I find peace in the solitude of contemplation and the exercise of writing. Forty-two is the atomic weight of calcium. 2019 is a year to commit to mental and physical health. I will need to be physically and mental strength to accomplish some mighty goals this year. There are always known challenges and unknown challenges that surprise us.

Unknown Challenges:

I hope and pray they are gentle this year.

Known Challenges:

I want to graduate this year. I have the lofty goal to have my dissertation to a publisher by year’s end. I am challenged to somehow pay tuition for my eldest son, homeschool my younger son, and work full time. Although I find contentment at work, I know there will be challenges. There are programs to build and people to build up. I want to support the teachers, students, and administrators whom I have the privilege of working with. I have a world domination plan, which will start with #OneSchoolAtATime. And, Oh! Have I mentioned yet that I might get to play with music-making lasers at work, too!? Yeah, my job is pretty cool. There must be a 42 in that!

We are responsible for our own lives. We are responsible for the choices we make, the books we read, and the person we wish to become. Only I can find the mean of my life. Only I can find my 42.

I wish you Have a Happy & Healthy 2019!

Go Forth and find your 42!


Heather Joy


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